iTunes 8.1 Lets Your Friends Pick Your Music with iTunes DJ

Having a party and want to let your guests (or at least your guests with iPhones with Remote installed) have a say in the music that plays? New iTunes DJ lets you do just that.

If you have iTunes DJ enabled, anyone with the newest version of Remote on their iPhone can vote on songs that are coming up in your playlist, or browse through your entire collection to request a song. Whatever songs get the most votes will be played next.

In iTunes, the "Votes" column will show the votes so if you're at your computer you can see what's getting voted on.

It's a neat idea in theory, but somehow I don't think a party where everyone was dicking around with their iPhones would be all that fun a party. Who knows, I guess it'd be worth playing with to see how it turns out. [Gadget Lab]

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