Is iPhone 3.0's Mysterious iProd a Bitchy Personal Trainer?

In addition to referencing brand new iPhones and iPods, the iPhone 3.0 OS also mentions the intriguing "iProd." Which is what British publications called a bitchy digital personal trainer Apple patented last year.

Apple filed patents on an iPod touch-like personal trainer that tracks your fitness level and schedule, has personalised workouts, answers nutrition and health questions and monitors your heart-rate and motion through sensors to track your workouts. And if you wimp out of your workout, it bitches at you. Hence, "iProd," though it's mentioned nowhere in the actual patent application.

Personally, I'm still on the bandwagon "iProd0,1" is a generic iProduct placeholder, which is in fact standing in for magic French toast. [New Scientist, Times Online - Thanks Evan!]

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