iPod Repairman Scammed Apple out of 9,000 Shuffles?

A Michigan-based iPod repairman has been charged with fraud after allegedly scamming Apple out of 9,000 iPod shuffles.

The method was simple. Nicholas Woodhams essentially guessed serial numbers for iPod shuffles still under warranty, then entered them into Apple's site as broken. He was shipped a new iPod shuffle that could be sold for $US50 while his debit card rejected Apple's eventual attempt to charge him for the broken shuffle that was never mailed in. (Apparently, this exact scenario was repeated 8,999 more times.)

At the moment, the government is attempting to seize Woodhams' real estate, seven Apple computers (heh), two vehicles, motorcycle and $US571,000 in cash. Oopsies! [Boston via CrunchGear]

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