iPhone Prototypes Contain Seeeeeecret Messages

Someone scored two iPhone prototypes allegedly manufactured way before their release. Apart from one being matte and having basic OS, the Skankphone—as it identifies itself—has some funny secret messages hidden in its fugly operating system:

• Skank is the new black.
• Nine parts perspiration (in reference to Picasso's—one of Jobs' idols—words about inspiration and perspiration]

And my all-time favourite: "Say hello to the Newton MessagePad 3000." Indeed.

According to the seller, these are the complete details:

Phone #1:
-Powers on OK - GSM service works
-Plastic matte screen (see pics)
-Serial number YM649xxxxxx which corresponds to a factory in China, manufactured week 49 of the year 2006.
-Runs iPhone OS 03.06.01_G (iPhone Launch OS 1.0 was version 03.11.02_G)
-Good cosmetic condition

Phone #2:
-Doesn't turn on (tried leaving on charger for awhile, along with various reset procedures)
-Glass screen
-Serial number YM650xxxxxx which corresponds to a factory in China, manufactured week 50 of the year 2006. (The iPhone was announced on Jan 6 2007 and release June 29 2007.)
-I replaced the battery and still doesn't work. Currently apart right now, can leave as-is for buyer or reassemble.
-Has various scratches, it is in fair cosmetic condition at best

[eBay via iLounge]

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