Intimidate Neighbours And Cook Their Food With Uber Manly Imperial Grill XL

Time to talk grills. What better place to start than the Imperial Grill, which is held together by pure testosterone?

Housed within this stainless steel propane-devouring beast are two separate ovens and two cooking surfaces that erupt with up to 60,000 BTUs. The looks are pretty pedestrian (where is Leonidas, screaming with fury on the facade?), but the sound of all those burners charring the food inside will probably make up for that minor quibble. Hope your neighbours like a little side of "wet their pants" with their steak.

The rig costs $US1,800, which is also the amount of money you'll need to keep this thing running all the way through spring and summer. Keep an extra gas tank or ten handy. [Born Rich]

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