If You Steal Somebody's iPhone and Don't Know How to Use It, You'll Go to Jail

Shoe designer Sayaka Fukuda was mugged by two men who made off with her purse and iPhone. After reporting it to police, she noticed a strange email in her outbox. Guess what happened next?

She knew she didn't send any email, so she opened the attachment, which was a self-portrait her attacker emailed to himself. She forwarded the picture to police, who quickly matched it to a mug shot of Dacquan Mathis.

Fukuda made the not so bright move of emailing Mathis directly, telling him the cops were onto him. He cheerfully replied to her, "I will kill you! I know where you live, I know where you work. I'll send people."

But we all know how this ends—the cops busted him, and he confessed to jacking the iPhone as well as another mugging involving an iPod.

Moral of the story: Whenever you steal a piece of technology, make sure you know how it works, or you'll get made fun of on a bunch of blogs. Oh yeah, and go to jail and stuff. [NY Post via Gothamist - Thanks Ace!]

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