How to Make a Wi-Fi Internet Radio Classy (Stuff It Inside a Vintage Radio)

Wi-Fi internet radios are usually more function than form oriented, their plastic and metal bodies lacking the elegance or charm of a vintage radio. Solution: Reanimate a classy vintage corpse with a modern soul.

Luckily, Wi-Fi internet radios have gotten a lot cheaper lately: That Aluratek I reviewed has fallen to $US120, from $US200. Internet radio in hand, you need a vintage shell to stuff the guts into. Then you need a thick coat of elbow grease: Gut the Wi-Fi radio, paint its buttons, get the vintage shell ready, mount the display and speakers, and if necessary, you might have to reshape the Wi-Fi radio's motherboard.

It's definitely more of a weekend project than an evening endeavor, but every nerd could afford to do a little more handicrafting. [Instructables via Lifehacker]

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