HDTV Pinball Machine Is Almost as Good as the Real Thing

Pinball machines are more or less a lost art, but one enthusiast really wants to bring them along for this whole "21st century" thing. Hence, the HDTV pinball machine.

Constructed from one large HDTV and a smaller LCD monitor, this machine, called HyperPin, makes for a surprisingly convincing pinball experience. The trick is in the software, Future Pinball. It's a real-time 3D pinball simulator for the PC, with which enthusiasts can recreate and play on their favourite tables in a simulated arcade. Builder BadBoybill (indeed!) took this all a step further, adapting the app to display on two screens, giving the appearance of an actual table. Bumping, shaking and drink-resting are not recommended. [HyperPin via Digg]

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