HD-Shooting Panasonic DMC-GH1 Looks Hot in Red, Available April 24 in Japan

We usually don't dish on Asia-only release dates to preserve your Occidental sanity, but since price and date for the U.S. drop of the new Micro Four Thirds, 1080p-capturing GH1 is still mysterious, let's look.

According to Impress, the GH1 will be available April 24 at an estimated cost of ¥150,000. That's a disappointing price, since ConvertBot-ed over to dollars, that's an ugly $US1,500. Regardless, that doesn't mean we won't get it cheaper over here, but it's not the most comforting detail.

The other thing to keep in mind, though, is that the GH1's video capture mode (which is basically the only differentiation from its $US800 predecessor, the G1) does things the others from Nikon and Canon can't: that is, the cinema-friendly 24fps framerate at 1080p (60fps at 720p), as well as continuous contrast-based autofocus with an especially silent-focusing lens. [Impress]

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