Giz Bounty: Bring Me the Head of the E-Tech Gadget Thief

Reward: Some dude took a demo gadget; a Japanese 5-second stopwatch guessing game, from Lisa's e-tech talk, and she's very upset about it.

That's me in the video, using the gadget a few days before. The man last seen using the stopwatch was sitting in a back row, unable to win or let other people try to use the game.

I mean, its an addicting toy, but you didn't have to steal it, mr. jerk.

If anyone can find out who took the watch, and let me know, I'd appreciate it. If you get a video of you giving him a really mean and painful wedgie, I shall buy you a beer. And you shall be crowned a geek hero. [5 Second Watch Game, Tokyomango]

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