Get Clean and Get Probed By the Aquapeutics Shower

The Aquapeutics shower is the kind of shower you'd take if you really needed to clean yourself off. The kind you'd take if you accidentally saw your parents having sex.

It has two handheld nozzles, mirrors, 8 side jets, a radio, an LCD TV, MP3 input, 6mm of tempered glass, a heater pump, steam generator, an alarm, 6 more jets, overhead lights, back accupuncture massage, a massage tub, towel racks, foot massage, ventilation fans and speakers. Considering that all this comes at a price of $US4300, it's not that bad. I mean, if you were building a new bathroom anyway, you'd owe it to yourself to buy one. Seriously. [Aquapeutics via Born Rich via DVice]

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