GameFly Introduces Rental Kiosks, Causes Devastating Yellow Paint Shortage

GameFly has just introduced their first G-Box rental kiosk as part of an orchestrated plan to take over the US game-rental-vending-machine market.

Formerly just a place to rent games online (Netflix for games), the company is releasing G-Boxes nationwide. The kiosks will be stocked with various Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii titles, and a simple credit card swipe will score you a $US2.50/day rental (or $US2 for Wii titles).

I admit, the prospect would be tempting if there were a machine placed right in my condo building, and if there were some sort of Gamefly subscriber advantage, and if there were a wide selection of games, and if some douchebag next door didn't scratch all the discs, and... [Kotaku]

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