FyreTV Review: Porn Streams Beautifully Onto Your Bedroom TV

We've covered the original and wireless FyreTV boxes already, but the porn-on-your-TV streamer has finally gotten to a point where it's stable and usable. And it really is great.

The newest wireless box, combined with the latest firmware updates, make this box a porn streaming solution that's practical in that you can hook it to any TV in your house and deliver porn to it.

Here's the gist of the device. The FyreTV box connects, via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, to the FyreTV servers. For $US9.95 a month (plus more if you go over your 100 allotted credits), you get access to a 10,000+ title library of porn. There's HDMI as well as component and composite connections, as well as a (as of right now, pretty crappy) remote to control what you see.

What you need to know, as a gadget person who also enjoys the occasional pornographic video, is that this is probably the easiest way to get legal porn onto your TV. Where the previous version required you to drag an Ethernet cable for a connection—something not every person has in their bedrooms—the Wi-Fi on this version allows you quite a bit of freedom.

As for the quality, it's essentially DVD-level video parsed through a streaming filter. FyreTV will have HD content soon, but the DVD quality is good enough for most people. The menus are navigated easily enough, and with the latest software updates, you won't see too many slowdowns. Suffice it to say, you'll be able to get the job done without waiting for stuff to load and menus to pop up, provided you have a decent enough internet connection.

Is it easy to use? Definitely. Is it free? No. You can rig up a PC to your TV and download free internet porn if you have an extra machine lying around and know what you're doing. But it is the easiest, quickest and most legal way to get streaming pornography onto your bedroom or living room TV. [FyreTV (NSFW)]

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