Fujitsu FLEPia Colour eBook Reader Has Finally Arrived, Yours For $US1000

Remember the FLEPia - Fujitsu's eBook reader that would trounce all other readers by displaying colour? After years of waiting, it's now out and available in Japan!

The FLEPia promises an 8-inch 1024x768 XGA touchscreen that can display 260K colours, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, an SD card slot capable of holding up to 4GB of storage, and a battery that can take 40 hours of continuous use.

It'll be able to display PDF, TXT, HTML, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, XMDF ebook formats as well as virtually all image formats. You can pre-order it online on Fujitsu's site, though it only starts shipping on April 20.

The price? A jaw dropping $US1000. And you thought the Kindle was expensive. [Engadget Japanese]

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