Freeview Coming To A Beyonwiz DVR Near You

Freeview Coming To A Beyonwiz DVR Near You

BeyonWiz_photo.jpgDigital Products Group, the company behind Beyonwiz, Homecast and now Slingbox being in Australia, have announced that their Beyonwiz and Homecast products will be co-branded with Freeview from May 1.The co-branded products will be badged with the Freeview logo, and lack the ability to skip ads – one of the main drivers of DVRs in general. In return, they get a custom EPG skin that’s consistent with Freeview products and services, as well as the ability to ride the wave of Freeview advertising that’s set to kick off on April 26.

Considering the state of Freeview, I reckon Beyonwiz is getting the weaker side of this deal. But who knows? Come May 1, we could all go crazy and end up wanting to pay for exactly the same stuff that we already get. Stranger things have happened…

Sydney – 24 March, 2009 – Digital Products Group, Australian distributors of Beyonwiz and Homecast PVR’s, and FREEVIEW today announced their agreement to provide co-branded equipment. The FREEVIEW logo and endorsement make it easy for consumers to identify devices that receive the FREEVIEW suite of channels.

Digital Products Group / FREEVIEW co-branded products will go on sale at leading consumer electronics outlets from 1 May, 2009 and will initially include models from top Korean STB and PVR manufacturers Beyonwiz and Homecast.

Digital Products Group General Manager Jai Kemp said: “DPG is very excited to be working with FREEVIEW, we have been supplying STB’s and PVR’s in Australia for almost 10years now and this is by far the single best initiative to help educate consumers on the benefits of switching to Digital”

“When I first started selling STB’s and PVR’s in 2001 the only benefit was better picture and sound quality, today consumers have more reason than ever to purchase a DPG / FREEVIEW co-branded product and make the move to digital, Crystal clear picture and sound quality, extra channels including a Free 24hour sports channel, Free 7day electronic program guide, the ability to pause and rewind live TV and much more. It’s almost like having PayTV with out the ongoing fees”

FREEVIEW CEO Ms Robin Parkes said: “FREEVIEW is delighted to be working with Digital Products Group to introduce FREEVIEW co-branded equipment.

“FREEVIEW has consulted with the industry to ensure consumers have a wide range of options to choose from, and retailers will be able to assist their customers in determining their needs.

“We will continue to work with our industry partners to promote the benefits FREEVIEW brings: better television picture and sound quality, new services, and all with no ongoing fees to pay.”

FREEVIEW gives more for free.

A national FREEVIEW consumer advertising campaign starts on 26 April on all free-to-air channels.

FREEVIEW Australia is a not-for-profit organization comprising Australia’s free-to-air television broadcasters.