Flickr Opens Video Uploads to Everyone, Adds HD Option for Pro Users

Flickr's somewhat stunted video feature always seemed kind of basic for a "pro" service. Now, finally, uploads have been opened to regular users, with added HD support for paid subscribers.

As with photos, regular users are severely limited in what they can upload: two standard-quality uploads a month. Pro users can upload to their heart's content, but a 90-second cap remains in place for all uploads. The HD video feature is a natural, intelligent progression for the service, added just in time for the impending avalanche of HD-capable still cameras, which are less useful for creating long-form videos than they are for taking photos that just happen to, you know, move a little bit. Check out the fledgling (but spectacular) Flickr HD Pool, to see what I mean. [Yahoo! Blog via Business2Press —Video from Flickr User Mike Black]

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