First SDXC Card Is The World's Fastest, Only Holds 32GB

SDXC, the new memory card spec announced at CES, promised exciting things, storage-wise. Pretec demonstrated the first card that'll support the standard, and at a mere 32GB and 50MB/s, well, it's a step.

The SDXC standard claims a maximum capacity of 2TB, with read/write speeds of up to 104MB/s. There's no doubt that, at 50MB/s, Pretec has achieved impressive speeds, but the company probably should have waited until they could put together an SDXC card with a greater actual capacity than existing SDHC products. Still, to see an actual product so soon after the standard was announced is heartening, although Pretec hasn't yet hinted at a price or release date. [Pretec via Impress Watch]

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