First Look At Tesla Model S' Fantastically Giant Touch LCD Console

We just a good look at the crazy touchscreen console in the Tesla Model S electric Sedan, the most interesting of which is that it has a 3G connection all the time.

In addition to that, there's the centre console's controls, which are full touchscreen, can manipulate your iPod, Google Maps as well as streaming radio. There's HD, AUX, USB and iPod input to the car, so that covers the major device you'd be able to use too. The current design looks really busy at first glance, but that's probably because the entire console takes the place of what used to be a slew of buttons and knobs and dials.

The RFID tag is also very interesting. When you walk up to the car, the Model S detects your RFID keytag and pops out the handles for you. When you want to start up the car, there's no start button. You just sit there and wait for the car to detect your RFID presence.

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