Every DSLR Should Have a Swivel Screen Like Olympus E-620

The really swell thing about Olympus's E-620 DSLR really is the swingy live view display, which twists and contorts like a limber yoga master—compared to every other DSLR screen, anyway.

It's supposedly the only swivel live view display in a DSLR, for now. Sony's a300 and a350 DSLRs' screens tilted, but it doesn't go all the way out, around and back again, like on the E-620, which is really handy, since you can see it from whatever angle you want. (And it will only get more handy with DSLRs that shoot HD video, as most of them will as they're upgraded over the next year or two.)

The not-so-swell thing is the interface. It's ugly, dated and really cluttered, with fonts like they're from an "advanced" computer in an 80s Matthew Broderick movie. It needs to be higher res, with settings more cleanly dilineated.

The art mode that changes the style of your picture from in various ways, from pop art to grainy, is kind of a neat gimmick for a DSLR, but you have to dive into the menu to select your style every time you want to change it. Still, most of the appeal here is in the specs, which are pretty solid for a camera at its beginner-level pricepoint, and we won't know how those stack up till we get to review this puppy.

PMA is an annual show where we get to see tomorrow's digital cameras—the ones that'll be populating pockets and purses for the rest of the year. We'll be here for the next couple of days.

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