Entertainment Geekly: Star Trek World Premiere Happening In Sydney April 7

Australian Trekkies take note: The world premiere of J.J Abrams' Star Trek is happening in Sydney on April 7. That's world premiere... before the US, before the UK... It's like the inverse of a gadget release.

It's happening at the Sydney Opera House, and J.J Abrams, Eric Bana, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban will all be there. And so will I. Am I rubbing that in a bit? Probably.

But to soothe your pain, know that when the film launches in Cinemas in May, it will be hitting Australian cinemas a day before hitting US cinemas. Which should still make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

So while I go out and try and find a suit respectable enough to fit a "Cocktail" dress code, you guys should watch the above trailer again just to keep you going until May...

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