Objectified's Wonderful Gadget-Filled Movie Poster

Hot of the presses is forthcoming design documentary Objectified's awesome one-sheet poster by Build, which is a veritable visual history of industrial design. How many silhouettes can you name? Updated with high-res file

Since we only care about Apple products here at Gizmodo, I see a Mac Pro, a number of iPods, MacBook Pro, a clickwheel, iPhone, iPhone SIM ejector tool (!!) and an original iMac...

Oh we kid. There's some fine Dieter Rams Braun action in here, just about every important chair from the last century or so, a Wii, Kanye's favourite glasses, a Swatch...so much goodness. As an aviation junkie though, I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit I can't place that profile of a flying-wing-type glider. Anyone know what that is?

Update: The guys who designed the poster, Build, are playing a similar game of "identify the iconic design" over on their blog, and they've provided a great high-res JPG of the poster to help make the game more fun. They also point out, as many of you have, that the word "Objectified" is hidden in the sixth row, and everything in the last row was used to make the film itself. Awesome.

You can grab one for $US20 here: [Objectified]

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