Electrolux Mini Kitchen Includes Tablet PC and Probably Loneliness

Making dinner for two? Then move along. The Electrolux Personal Mini Kitchen concept is designed to hold the bare essentials for one person: A small silicon hotplate, a tiny soda-can-sized fridge, and a tablet PC.

The Mini Kitchen is designed for the growing numbers of young and single people in China, and features an all-in-one design including tiny facsimiles of a fridge, stovetop, and silverware. The "cook box" is sort of like a compartmentalised bento box that can be used for both cooking and serving, which is actually pretty clever. The tablet PC is a small netbook-type that is mostly intended for chatting (as it features a webcam) and looking up recipes. Unfortunately for all you single-and-staying-that-way types, it is just a concept for now, but it seems fairly marketable if the price could be kept down. [Yanko Design]

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