Electric Car Whiz Builds World's First Plug-In Hybrid Speedboat

One of the brains behind the Aptera electric three-wheeled car also runs Epic Boats, which just intro'd the Epic 23e, the first plug-in hybrid electric boat. Who knew lithium-ion batteries were waterproof?

For as little as $US150,000, you too can own the first-generation of the plug-in, battery-powered equivalent of a 375-horsepower motorboating experience, which uses the auspiciously named Flux Propulsion EVO 8.1 Marine Drive System to recharge itself over a four-hour run via gas motor. In all, it uses just half what a similarly beefed-up powerboat would use to pull skiers and wakeboarders and let's not forget fat, drunk tubers. If you're a bit strapped for cash, wait till 2012, when AutoblogGreen reports there may well be a $US70,000 version.

The funny thing is, no matter how smugly green a boat gets, any promotional video of it—shown below—still makes it look like just the thing for some good ole red-state R&R. I should know, having grown up waterskiing on Lake Maxincuckee in Culver, Indiana. Tip to director, though: For an even more successful promo vid, add some bikini-clad blondes, a case of Coors Light, and more life-threatening airborne trick action. [AutoblogGreen via Engadget]

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