ECG Watch Does Not, Sadly, Show Your Heartbeat in Real Time

At first glance, this looked to be one of the coolest watches ever. Modeled after a heart monitor, it looks like it would display your heartbeat in real time. Key word being looks.

But this is not the coolest watch ever, because all the little beep boop line does is tell you the hour and the minute. Top spike is for the hour; bottom is for the minute. That's boring enough to put me into a coma, during which time an ECG watch that did as advertised would be a wonderful way for loved ones to keep tabs on my being alive or not.

It's also 260 frickin' US dollars. I'll pass until they invent a version that lets me know the breakfast sandwich I just inhaled to quell my hangover is killing me in real time. [Rakuten via DVICE]

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