Dude Puts a Pipe in a TI-83 Calculator; Calculator Still Works

It must be creative pipe week here at Gizmodo, because people keep sending in their awesome creations. And this might be the best one yet: a functioning TI-83 calculator with a pipe built into it.

In high school, I made a pipe out of a TI-83 Plus calculator. the calculator still works, even now, as well as the pipe. Even though the tube is made of duct tape, it works fine. I cut into the bowl itself so it can be flat and still allow airflow, and put another piece of metal under it so the tape will not heat up. The stem can be separated and placed into the calculator to be more hidden. Inside the calculator, there are also compartments for matches, toothpicks (pokers), and screens. There is also enough room on the inside for a small bag of whatever is going to be smoked. It has been named the TI-420 Tokeulator.

Holy shit. The bar has been raised.

[Thanks, Dave!]

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