DIY Pistol Shoots Out Blocks So You Can Win at Jenga Every Time

The essence of cheating is secrecy, so this DIY wooden Jenga pistol is going to be ineffective in that regard. However, the ability to blast blocks cleanly from the tower does make the game more exciting.

This simple device uses rubber band action to snap a bolt through the pistol and into the block. When done correctly, the block should fly out of the tower cleanly. It may seem to make the game easier, but if you come in at a slight angle, or you place the gun too close to the tower, the structural failure could be catastrophic (plus, Jenga becomes dangerous all of a sudden). Still, this is how I would prefer to play the game—if you agree, complete instructions on how to build one yourself are available on the project page. [Jenga Pistol via Likecool]

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