Digital Radio Delayed Again, Now Launching August 6

bug_too_2.jpgYou have to wonder at what point we call bullshit on digital radio and decide to leave it to die in peace. According to the perennially jolly Pete Blasina, digital radio has suffered yet another launch setback, this time because the ABC and SBS weren't ready. I mean, come on... it's only been planned for what - five years now?Last we heard, the launch date was set to be May this year, and some of the commercial radio stations may stick to launching digital radio channels in mid-May in capital cities. But the official rollout has been put back until August.

Even with an extensive educational campaign, this is going to be one hell of a tough sell for the digital radio peeps. I don't know anyone who's keen on dropping money on a new radio just because it's digital, and I hang out with geeks and early adopters. Any of you guys thinking of proving me wrong?


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