Di Blasi R7 Folding Motorbike Is Awesome And Practical

Di Blasi R7 Folding Motorbike Is Awesome <em>And</em> Practical

Moped_Diblasi_R7E_011.jpgI don’t know what part of this story I find more appealing: The Di Blasi R7 folding motorcycle, which weighs just 29.8kg, travels at 50kph and has a 50cc engine; or the fact that the distributor’s have created a company called Scoot2You, which rides one of these bikes out to you and your car after a few too many drinks and then drives you home.
The bike itself looks like its extremely easy to fold up and unpack, as you can see in the above clip. The 50cc engine means that in some states of Australia, all you need is a regular driver’s license to drive around. Sure, it has only got a single cylinder, two-stroke engine, so it’s never going to be suitable as a vehicle for long trips, but for driving around the inner city – or for added mobility if you happen to own a boat or light aeroplane – it will do the job admirably. What’s better, the bike starts at $2,990 + GST + on road costs, so it’s actually really affordable.

Meanwhile, the Scoot2You service, which is currently available in both the Gold Coast and Brisbane, means the days of drink driving are essentially over. After a few drinks, you can call them up, and they’ll ride their Di Blasi bike out to you, pack it up and pop it in the boot of your car. Then they drive you home in your own car, unpack the bike and drive to the next person. So long as there’s a stringent screening process for the drivers, this is a fantastic idea. They’re also planning on franchising the service, so hopefully we’ll see it available in other capital cities as well soon.

You can grab more info on both the bikes and the Scoot2you service by clicking through below:
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