Dell Inspiron Towers Are Like Skittles: Cheap, Tiny and Rainbow-y

Dell Inspiron Towers Are Like Skittles: Cheap, Tiny and Rainbow-y
 />Dell's Inspiron towers are what cheap computers should be—uh, cheap, customisable and colourful. They start at $US300, but are oddly stopping over in China first before coming to the US

Yes, I do believe all cheap consumer electronics should signify their cheapness with tons of colour, but you know, nice-looking colour. Pay more, get less (colour). It makes sense, right?


· People Have Complete Control of Power, Colour and Size

· Fresh ID and vibrant colours express personal style and complement any environment

· Custom configurations to meet performance and budget

ROUND ROCK, Texas, March 30, 2009 – Style-minded families, students and teens want to personalise their PCs to meet their performance and lifestyle needs – blogging, chatting, sending photos or running a media centre. Highly-stylized products, like Dell’s new Inspiron slim and mini-tower desktops, deliver on design and customisation, transforming the brand from the “built- for-me” model, into “made-for-me.”

Dell’s new Inspiron slim and mini-towers expand the design and personalization possibilities for consumers. Available in eight vibrant colours, Dell is the only major consumer desktop manufacturer to offer such extensive personalization options to reflect individuals’ personal style or to complement their bedroom or study.

Inspiron slim and mini-tower desktops debut today in China and are available for purchase through, distributor Digital China or retailers Suning and Gome. Starting at $299, the systems will be available worldwide later this spring.

The News:

· Dell’s new Inspiron desktop lets people express themselves through choices of colour (eight options), size (slim or mini-tower) and configuration.

· Vivid colour palette to express your personal style: Piano Black, Pure White, True Blue, Formula Red, Tangerine Orange, Spring Green, Plum Purple and Promise Pink.

· Dell becomes the only major consumer desktop manufacturer to offer colour options for the entire front of the machine.

· Customizable options to meet individual’s budget, lifestyle and usage needs.

· Ideal for common tasks including email, Internet, blogging, entertainment (movies, music and casual gaming) and productivity.

· Features available on the new Inspiron desktops include:

o Intel® Celeron®, Intel Core™ 2 Duo and Intel Core 2 Quad options or AMD Sempron™, Athlon™ X2 and Phenom™ X4 processor options

o Integrated Intel or ATI Radeon™ graphics* on select systems with discrete graphics options available

o Up to 8GB* memory on select systems

o Up to 750GB* storage (slim tower) or up to 1TB* storage (mini-tower)

o Optional 19-in-1 media card reader and optional HDMI connectivity

o 6 USB ports (2 front, 4 back)

o Dual optical options (mini-tower only) including Blu-ray Disc™ drive

o Small form factor with its versatile horizontal or vertical placement is designed to easily fit into your home media centre (slim tower only)