Dear Best Buy, If You're Going to Cheat Grandmas, Don't Leave Photographic Evidence

Michael's mother-in-law bought a camera from Best Buy. The seal was broken, and it was defective. When she tried to return it, Best Buy said she busted it. The camera's pictures said otherwise.

Yes, that's right, it's her fault the used, broken camera they sold to her as new was all screwed up. At first, Best Buy had said whatever photos were already on the camera were just demos placed there by Casio. But, recovering the folder of pictures that came on the camera his mother-in-law had deleted to make room for his son using PhotoRescure Expert, Michael found a weird series of photos, like "a black woman sitting seductively on a bed with the camera box." And then the real kicker: shots of a Geek Squad employee.

Now, Best Buy says it was all just a big miscommunication. Uh huh.

It's an epic tale—read the full part 1 and part 2 over on Michael's blog. [Michael Barrett via Consumerist]

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