Cygnus X1 Custom Built PC Is A Work Of Aluminium Art

Cygnus X1 Custom Built PC Is A Work Of Aluminium Art


Have you ever looked at a custom-built PC and been overcome with unnatural feelings of lust? Either had I, but that was before I laid eyes on the Cygnus X1, a custom made case designed and built entirely by the hands of Overclockers Australia forum member oldnewby. Now, I’m scouring the internet trying to find tips on how to seduce aluminium.The entire build process is detailed in amazingly clear, crisp photographs over at OCAU, from start to finish. Well, not quite finish – it’s still being worked on. But the overall design has been completed, and dear God it is a stunning piece of work.

cygnus 2.jpg But don’t get your hopes up about owning it – despite the fact that oldnewby claims he’s not planning on selling it, even if he was, according to a forum poster he’s already been offered $US10,000. And you can’t top that.

Head over to OCAU to check the entire build, plus all the specs and hardware details.

[OCAUThanks Joel!]