Crazy Wireless Camera Flash Setup Captures Mouse, None the Wiser, As It Meets Its Maker

Attention mice: do not invade engineer Jim Clark's home. Because not only will he build an elaborate trap to ensnare you, he will capture the whole affair with his fancy wireless camera flash strobes.

Jim is the creator of the PocketWizard, a series of wireless TTL flash remotes, triggers and other gear for photographers. When he realised he had an infestation, he first caught the invader in the act of eating some delicious trail mix bait, all the while lulling him into a false sense of security. This sequence was the result of 7 rapid-fire shots triggered by a sound-detecting flash sensor in the middle of the night.

Just as mousey was getting comfortable, the next trap would be constructed with delicious morsel of peanut butter balanced precariously on the end of a cutting board hanging off his counter. Beneath, a transducive sensor would trigger the flash sequence the moment the cutting board left the table. You can probably see where this is going. Here is the sequence, with added mouse personification by the folks at Strobist:

But apparently Jim is a softy, because instead of positioning a pit of spikes or a vat of boiling pitch underneath the counter, the mouse was safely collected in a padded wastebasket. Then, it was given a hamster home to live in for the remainder of the winter. I definitely would have put this mouse to death, but props to Jim for being an animal-rights-conscious camera hacker. [Strobist]

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