Colbert Wins Space Race!

It happened. No Serenity, no naked Uhura pin up, or any other sillypants sci-fi nonsense: Steve Colbert won NASA's contest to name the next ISS module, after he asked his viewers to vote for him.

Out of 1.2 million votes, Colbert got 230,549 votes vs Serenity, which had about 40,000 less votes. But Colbert fans, don't be too happy yet: NASA may not name the module Colbert after all because they reserve the right to turn down the vote.

They are considering it, though. If I was NASA, I would totally do it on one condition: Get Colbert to have a two-minute NASA segment on every program. Nothing like trading geeky poetry for free advertising and promotion of the space program, especially if it's as funny as I would imagine Colbert would do. [Physorg]

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