Club Nintendo Finally Launches Down Under

Club Nintendo Finally Launches Down Under

ImageSure, it took 12 months or so from when they first started sticking little “Club Nintendo” cards in their games down here, but the rewards program for Nintendo fanboys has finally launched in Australia. And the prizes are… well… interesting.There are five rewards on offer, including Mario face towels (wtf?!) a Wiimote stand (that doesn’t look like it charges), a game and stylus case, a game wallet and the “Game and Watch” game for the DS. If you’re a little underwhelmed at the selection, you’re not alone – here’s hoping the selection grows, so we can get some of those awesome classic controllers or something, you know, worthwhile.

Get Into Club Nintendo Today

Australia and New Zealand, 12 March 2009 –

Club Nintendo,ג„¢ ג Nintendoג’s new loyalty program ג is available now! Club Nintendo is a special club that rewards members for registering Nintendo products and completing surveys, and anyone can join.

To join Club Nintendo, fans simply need to visit, register their details, and complete a short survey. Once registered, members can create a profile and register further select Nintendo products via the website by inputting a unique PIN code which comes packaged inside eligible Nintendo products. Each time members register a product, they are then asked to complete a survey about that product, and in turn are rewarded with Stars.

Members can collect Stars and swap them to redeem exclusive Nintendo merchandise only available via Club Nintendo. Some of the exclusive rewards include the Game & Watchג Collection for the Nintendo DSג and a leather finished Nintendo DS game case. Browse the Stars catalogue online to check out all the exclusive merchandise you can receive, you can even earn bonus Stars on your birthday or other special occasions.

Join Club Nintendo and gain access to the exciting world of Nintendo today! If you do not own any Nintendo product yet, you can still register to receive our Nintendo newsletter to be kept up to date with all the latest products.

* Please note shipping for Club Nintendo stock will begin in April 2009

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