Child For Sale on Xbox Live, Free Shipping Included

When Christa Manos began to receive dozens of calls one Saturday evening, cursing her for being a bad mother, she quickly realised that she'd been the victim of a prank.

Apparently, someone spammed swarms of Xbox Live users, offering a 2-year-old girl for sale with the simple pitch, "selling a child, will pay for shipping." The spammer also included Manos' phone number in the message.

Many of these Live subscribers subsequently called Manos to give her a piece of their mind. There was no mention if any offers were made, but on the bright side, Manos has "a good idea who is responsible." And we're guessing she wasn't referring to herself. [Charlotte Sun via Kotaku]

And incidentally, this awesome post art is compliments of Luke Plunkett from Kotaku.

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