Charles Simonyi, Creator of MS Office, Becomes First Repeat Space Tourist

I imagine the first thing on everyone's mind when they return from space is "When the f%&@ can I go back!?" Today, Charles Simonyi became the first space tourist to make a second paid flight.

Just short of two years ago, Simonyi spent two weeks aboard the ISS as the fifth private visitor to the station on a ticket booked with Space Adventures. And now he's heading back on the Soyuz flight that left Kazakhstan this morning; he'll help scientists with experiments and answer question from Earth via the web until returning on April 7.

Having created Microsoft Word and Excel back in the early, early days and now having been to space twice, I think we can officially bestow a crown of ultimate geek cred on Simonyi's glowing head. Godspeed. [NYTimes,]

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