Carnival Hammer iPhone App Invents New Way to Break Your iPhone

Based on the carnie classic strong-man hammer game, Carnival Hammer includes a new and innovative feature: it encourages you to heave your iPhone onto the cold, emotionless floor.

It's all fun and games until the unthinkable happens. You give it a good swing, and that little ball keeps going up and up and up. The next time, you swing harder. And the ball goes even further. But now you're overstimulated. This is too much fun. "Look!" you proclaim to your friends. "I bet I can reach the top!"

You wind up, like a professional pitcher, and heave your iPhone with all your might. But in your excitement, your palms have gotten a little sweaty. Your grip isn't as tight as the situation requires. And your beloved iPhone slams into the ground at your feet.

Damn you, Carnival Hammer.

Carnival Hammer will launch in the App store on March 20th, if you think you're man enough to handle it. [Mobile Crunch]

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