Canon D10 Submarine Toughcam: Love It, But Hate It

I love Canon's D10 toughcam because it looks like a submarine. I hate it because I can't fit its blimp-sized arse in my pocket or anywhere else in my pants.

The reason Canon gave for the D10 being so bulbous is to make the buttons big and easy to use underwater (which, if you look at 'em, while they're all very distinct and well separated, except for the giant shutter button, that reason doesn't hold a lot of water, really) and because the 3x zoom lens is designed to not build up any condensation inside. And, as you saw, despite being the Hulkiest toughcam we've seen today, Canon was the wimpiest about how much abuse they were willing to dish out to it. It's like wearing Kevlar and asking people to only shoot at you with paintballs. It uses the same image sensor as every other 12-megapixel, 720p video camera in Canon's new lineup, so you can expect comparable image quality to them, if you're curious about the guts.

So, while it looks perfect for underwater adventures frolicking with mermaids and I want to love it unconditionally, I don't know if this is the camera I'd take. Unless I wasn't wearing any pants.

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