Cameratruck Takes Shots 3000x the Size of 35mm

Shaun Irving takes photographs is an atypical manner. He uses a whole truck.

His custom rig is a giant camera made out of the backside of a truck, fitted with a variety of military surplus lenses (one is from a submarine periscope). He parks the vehicle, aiming the rear bumper at his target, and the landscape is projected upside down into the truck/camera. He works inside to take the shot, hanging the film like a giant tapestry to be exposed.

His method is a lot like that of John Chiara (here's a clip of that artist's equally awesome large scale photography).

Wouldn't a large format camera be a great additional to GM 2011 model line? Imagine, A/C, passenger side airbags, XM radio and, oh sure, throw in the huge camera! [Cameratruck]

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