Call To Arms: Stephen Conroy On ABC’s Q&A Next Week

Call To Arms: Stephen Conroy On ABC’s <em>Q&A</em> Next Week

Conroy.jpgSenator Conroy has a lot to answer for. Between trying to destroy filter the internet and keeping the whole NBN process clouded in secrecy (so nobody can criticise his handling of it, we suppose), there are a lot of arguments and issues that the Minister needs to answer for. And considering he’s going to be a guest on the ABC’s Q&A program next Thursday, this could be our chance to ask him the tough questions.So, this is a call to arms. All of you Gizmodians who are interested in asking why Senator Conroy has so badly mishandled everything he’s touched so far should head over to the Q&A website and ask their questions. Melbourne readers should also try and get into the audience for the show. And everyone make sure you watch Q&A next Thursday to watch just how Conroy responds to the difficult questions.

[Q&A – thanks Jordan!]