British Boy Embarks On 'Electric Shock Free-For-All' With Bulgarian Stun Gun

If that headline didn't grab your attention, I don't know what will. A British 13-year-old smuggled a stun gun he bought on vacation into school, and proceeded to go a little zap-crazy.

The kid bought the gun for about $20 while on vacation in Bulgaria, which makes Bulgaria sound like kind of a badass place to go on vacation, and smuggled the device (capable of up to 30,000 volts) into school. He zapped three of his classmates, apparently not realising that assault with a weapon is actually against the law, and was arrested shortly thereafter.

It's kind of a scary story, since "stun gun" could all too easily be replaced with "real gun", and the results would be a lot worse. This particular gun is not very dangerous, certainly not strong enough to kill anybody, but he probably didn't know that. The kid apparently "feels sorry" for acting like a jackass, which is nice of him, I guess. But the real villain here is the nation of Bulgaria. What gives, guys? Do you not have regulated crowd control arms sales or something? [Mail Online]

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