Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Chinese Villager Takes Wooden Bike Out For a Spin What I really want to see though is a bike made out of bamboo.

OnLive Demos Streaming Games: Yes, That's Crysis on Integrated Graphics This will die with just the tiniest bit of lag. Hope it doesn't though...

Where Russian MiG Fighter Jets Are Born Cue Top Gun music on iTunes for this one... We Discover the Dark Side of the New iPod Shuffle What do you reckon? Does Frucci have a chance in the next Adam Sandler film?

Wii to Support SDHC, Not a Hard Drive This move makes a lot of sense. Of course, it should have been this way from launch...

Giz Explains: How a Brainy Worm Might Jack the World's PCs on April 1 Where's John Conner when you need him?

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