Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

breakfast-pancakes.jpgFujitsu FLEPia Colour eBook Reader Has Finally Arrived, Yours For $US1000 Man, the Japanese have a colour e-ink ebook, and we're still stuck with expensive dregs.

Psystar Ignores Every Lawyer In The Entire World, Debuts New Compact OS X Desktop Why anyone would buy a Psystar machine is mind boggling...

Guy in Chain Mail Faraday Suit Takes Star Wars Tesla Coil Music To the Next Level Not quite as menacing as the Emperor though.

Mosquito-Targeting Laser Gun Eradicates Bugs with Extreme Prejudice So this is what Bill Gates spends his time on now - charity work is awesome!

ViewSonic Is Making a Lap Crushing 22-Inch 'Notebook' The question has to be asked: "Why?"

Giz Explains: What Makes The Five Smartphone Platforms Different Um... What happened to Symbian?

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