Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Breakfast omelette.jpgCamo Green Pentax K2000 Makes Your DSLR Look Downright Civilian But we only just got the white one! Slow down Pentax - you'll burn yourself out!

People Skydiving to See Space Shuttle Launch Hope they don't ever accidentally attach themselves to the side like Spacebat. Asus Eees Getting Voice Recognition This Year I think I'll stick with my keyboard and mouse.

Zeebo Cheap 3D Game Console Launched, Gets Actual Publishers Support Sounds interesting. Maybe worth a trip to Brazil, even. Boss?

Unmanned Warbots of WWI and WWII Maybe it's just me, but these sound like the basis of an old-style comedy film.

Wolfenstein Now Available for Jailbroken iPhones; Doom Coming Soon I hope it's the full version, where you take on robo-Hitler.

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