Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

breakfast berries.jpgSpace Station Crew Now Basically Just Playing a Real-Life Game of Asteroids And some people say that video games don't give you any skills...

Sanwa Throat Mic, For Your Very Tactical Mobile Phone Conversations It looks cool enough, but is it practical?

Robot Army Building Cars Show the Lazy Future of Humanity That's why BMW is so pricey - they need to pay the army of robots!

TomTom Updates Cheapo GPS Navigators With Not Cheapo-Level IQ Route Software TomTom's entry level satnavs keep getting better...

Wired for War: Author Explains Revolution in Robotics, Scares Crap Out of Us This is a must-read post. Fascinating.

AT&T Source Spills Details on New iPhone Coming in June? In other words, don't buy an iPhone in May.

Wall-E/Watchmen Trailer Mashup is Pure Genius I'd pay to see this film.

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