Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

breakfast-coffee.jpgAnd I'm back... After a very refreshing long weekend, I might add. Still, a couple of days off means I've got some gadget catchup to do, so here's the best from last night's feed:

The HRP-4C Model Robot Is Programmed to Work...It I'd contemplate subjecting myself to Australia's Next Top Model if this was a contestant...

Barcodes Can Now Hold Entire Videos and Games Although the software to read them is probably scarce.

Confirmed: Your iPod Shuffle Earbuds Need Proprietary Chip to Function Has anyone picked up the new Shuffle yet? Will you?

ISS and Discovery In Debris Collision Danger, NASA Thinking About Course Change Sucks to be an astronaut at the moment...

Friendly R/C Lawnmower, Meet Vicious Tank Every home should have one of these.

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