BlackBerry the Smartphone of Choice for Gangs and Criminals

Society's bad eggs are increasingly turning to the use of BlackBerry devices to skirt detection from law enforcement. Authorities report they have trouble intercepting illicit emails and conversations because of the relatively secure BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Developed by Research in Motion (RIM), the BlackBerry Enterprise Server works on a secure network that encrypts data. It was designed with the intention of keeping the security legitimate business communications intact. Faced against such a highly secure means of transmitting of information, however, it's near impossible for law enforcement to listen in on and nab suspected criminals. The roadblocks have undoubtedly lead to the upward trend in gangs and other malefactors choosing the BlackBerry over other devices, where conversations can be more easily intercepted.

While some Canadian legislators support major de-encryption efforts, this will inadvertently compromise the security of business communications as well. [Mobile Syrup]

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