Before Google Fame, Sergey Brin Was A Game Show God

Wow. Who would have thought that a TV show hosted by Mr Peterman from Seinfeld and starring Joey from Full House would ever even make it to the studio, let alone feature Sergey Brin from Google.The game show (which never made it to Australia, for some odd reason) had a panel of four celebrity judges asking questions of three people to discover which one of them was the real Sergey Brin. Of course, this was filmed back in 2001, before Google had really ground its search engine competitors into dust.

Watching the clip, it’s tough to decide which is more entertaining: Mr Peterman saying “Google Guru”, or the fact that all four celebrities and the audience believed that a professional bowler founded the largest internet company in the world.

So, how long before Larry Page hits the set of Survivor? Heck, if Woz can do it, so can all the Gadget Gods

[via TheNextWeb]