Asus Fold/Unfold Concept Will See Commercial Release

Asus's interesting Fold/Unfold concept we saw at CES is actually going to be commercially released, according to Asus CEO Jerry Shen. The notebook (not netbook) will cost somewhere between $US1,000 and $US1,500.

Shen expects the Fold/Unfold (is that really the official name?) to come out in around September or October 2009. The design, since it's kind of hard to tell from photos, maximises airflow and space for the keyboard and trackpad by sliding the keyboard forward over the trackpad when the laptop's closed, and sliding back to reveal the trackpad when open. If that all sounds a little confusing, you can check out this equally confusing video which is sure to explain very little. It's a little gimmicky, but I think we're about due for a little weirdness in our laptop design, don't you? [Netbook Choice]

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