Apparently That $179 Price For The INQ1 Was Introductory

I'm not too sure this is completely kosher, but I just received an email saying that: "3 has ended its introductory INQ prepaid offer if $179, and the INQ is currently available for $249 prepaid with unlimited Facebook". Yet the original press release made no mention of it being introductory at all.From the original release:

INQ1 will be $179 on 3 Prepaid when customers purchase one of 3's new Prepaid Caps recharge vouchers starting at $29.

Part of me thinks this is a pretty dodgy move on 3's part, but then another part of me thinks that $249 for a phone with the build quality of the INQ1 is still a pretty good deal. Plus, you still get unlimited facebook and 4,000 Skype minutes, or if you opt for post-paid the phone is free on a $29 cap. It just sucks for anyone who was hoping to pick up a pre-paid INQ1 with their bonus $900 from K-Rudd...

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